restoration list

  1. erneland

    BMW 3.0CS --> Bat

    Hi, I have a bunch of BMW's and among those a 3.0CS. I have removed the interior and soon different repair work will take place ;). I have all the exterior CSL parts and also rear window and rear side windows in lexan. Today I started to see if I had all the exterior trim and I had no less...
  2. Atavistic

    CSL Re-Birth - Sydney

    Have a Polaris City Pack that someone kindly imported to Australia. The problem is that it has spent far too long in the UK - so while it was tidy looking and largely complete - what lurked beneath! When the tiny bubbles got to me, we attacked the sills only to confirm our fears, and so...
  3. foxworth

    UK Gp2 3.5 CSL Batmobile Build

    Hi All, just an intro as have just embarked on a build of a group 2 CSL racer using a car that is sort of half way there already. Bought this last month and already planning the works to improve!! Thought I'd share a pic as expect to be tapping into some knowledge here in future if that's ok...
  4. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    I have now started the strip out of the CSL and so far, so good. The car has spots of rust but not as bad as others I have done. I have started stripping out the windows and interior trim. The Front window may have been a replacement back in the 70s as its made by Royal Doulton – I always...
  5. Bmachine

    Bringing a '74 back up to her intended glory.

    In the grand tradition of Better Late Than Never, I am retroactively starting this build thread many months after it started. First I feel a debt of gratitude to those who have started and kept up similar threads for their own car. It is both very entertaining and totally inspiring. I want to...
  6. restart

    A Tale of Two Bimmers

    Or Bimmer vs bimmer
  7. Markos

    Deconstruction Thread: How to part-out an E9

    As much as I hate to part out an E9, I decided to harness the opportunity. I picked up a '73 CSI from WA this weekend. Original Listing: The run down: The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 2263445 was manufactured on October 05th, 1972 and delivered...
  8. aearch

    4310316 begins

    Beginning of the monster one of the preetiest blue ive ever seen 1979 light metalic blue porsche-look it up awesum miracle color i also painted my classic peugeot px10 bicycle the same color cool
  9. readie

    finally started restoring the csl

    some before pictures with the engine out.... I am bound to need some help from all on here as I move forward.
  10. HB Chris

    2800 Restoration Thread

    Thought I would start a new topic as I started to tear into the 2800 today. This is what coolant looks like after 34 years. This is certainly going to be an adventure.
  11. Jean Luc

    Nouvelle Bmw E9 année 1972

    Salut je viens de rentrer une belle 2.8 Cs , intérieur cuir crème comme neuf ,Boiserie parfaite , boite mécanique , belle carroserie mais sera restaurée , bonne mécanique . Carburateur neuf
  12. nosmonkey

    '73 Sienabraun 3.0CS Restomod

    Hey chaps, been around for a while so thought I'd post up a restoration thread for the old girl. I have a feeling this project is going to take most of my time and steal whatever cash is leftover from the mk1. It's been sitting in the lock up since 1987/8 alongside the mk1 rusting away. It's...
  13. Markos

    '71 2800 CS Budget Resto

    Hi Folks, I joined in December 2014 after driving by my neighbors E9 for nearly a year. This car has been parked for roughly 20 years, driven occasionally, and likely spent a good chunk of that time outside. The rain damage is limited to what you would expect from a car that sits, and doesn't...
  14. GolfBavaria

    '73 Golf Bavaria Build Thread

    I finally had a chance to snap some photos of the progress, I told you guys not very exciting pictures at this time but I am hoping it comes together quicker than I think. I say mini build thread because I am not going to go super crazy on the updates. The hood and trunk are painted, was able to...
  15. eriknetherlands

    Fixing that little rust spot...

    You know, while you are at it..... I had enough corrosion in the sill corners and the rear subframe mounting points of the thurst rod to think; let's do this over the coming winter. So "while you are at", is getting difficult on me. I'd like to say: "well this can wait for another time". But I...
  16. R

    Bat #4355016

    I have never chronicled a build on this forum, but since this is a pretty special car (one of only 4 Taiga Bats built), I thought I would give it a try. Hopefully I will have enough time to keep up with things. Here is the car in it's current state: The car is rusty in some of the usual...
  17. eludvigs

    74 3.0 CS Mild Restoration

    Hey folks. Dan mentioned I should get some pictures up and document some of the work I'm doing on my 74. I'm using iCloud sharing to post pics and some comments about what I run in to etc. I researched this car and found it in various...
  18. Peter Coomaraswamy

    Will have to start somewhere

    I think this is a better place to post than in the cars for sale section- so here goes. After reading Mario's original post I'm finding that he was extremely accurate in his description of the car and so the mold smell and its presence "everywhere" is a concern. I took out the rear seats last...
  19. Gransin

    Getting this 3.0CSi back on the road

    Hi! Thought I could share some pictures with you of my 3.0CSi project. Before anything else, I've got zero experience of e9's. This is basically the first one I've seen IRL. Second is that I've never done a resto-mod/rebuild of this extent, on any car before. And this will be a DIY project...
  20. Jean Luc

    Restore 3.0 CS 1975

    Salut a tous , voici mon 3.0 Cs restaurée , travaux fait sur 1 an Lors de la visite de ce que je nomme un nids a rouille ou de ce qu'il en reste Hi all, here is my Cs 3.0 restored work done on 1 year During the visit of what I call a nests or rust what remains