restoration list

  1. G

    My CS Restoration

    This is my account of the restoration of my pride and joy, a BMW 3.0 CS Coupe. I purchased the car on February 16 1999 having decided to look around and find a nice one, the thing is these cars were rare when they were current (in the 70's) which means they aren't exactly thick on the ground...
  2. BarryG

    My 72 Csi Project

    Here is my 72 Csi.The 3.0 motor ran but not very well,Rod knocking Smoked bad,oil leaking,so.I'm building a 3.5...You know the old story pull the motor,take a look around, kick yourself and start to clean it up.ahh I can do that. I started to sand ,brush, blast the old scars not done but...
  3. T

    Hotrodded Coupe Project

    hello all, I recently signed onto this e9Coupe group. I had been lurking on Art W's group for some time, as well as the Yahoo race CSL group. I have had correspondence or have bought and/or sold parts with a number of you folks. I have been out in my garage building my CS coupe hotrod...