1. 2k2tii

    3.0cs & Bavaria drive axle output half shaft

    Brand new, OEM BMW 2 drive axle output half shafts fits the following: *3.0cs *Bavaria *3.0csi *2800 *3.0s *2500 *2800cs part # 33211102423 2 retail for $1244.97 (see last pic) $900 + shipping
  2. Quinn

    72 Bavaria for sale whole car or parts

  3. Haseeb

    Huge Issue (Frame Rust)

    Got a 72 Bavaria a couple weeks ago. This was my first time ever buying an older car so I didn't really know there was frame rust until a friend pointed it out today and it looks pretty bad. I really do like my Bav but I have no idea what to with it now. I don't exactly have a lot of money, I...
  4. C

    73 Bavaria for sale not mine
  5. m73

    e3 in Fjord

    Project car dreaming... -Mo
  6. G

    FS 1974 BMW 3.0S Tail light bulb holder Left Side 63211353733

    San Francisco Bay Area $40 Should fit many E3 cars from Bavaria to 3.3L 1971-1977 according to real oem. I removed it from a pick n pull years ago. Fits driver's side. Contacts are in good shape. I take paypal and can ship it USPS priority for cost of shipping. It is slightly too long for a...
  7. mosearch

    WTB: Right Front Turn Signal for e3

    WTB: Right Front Turn Signal Lens for 1972 E3. PN 63131356808. I have found a source for a pair (left & right)...and I'll go that way if no one on this forum has the right-only available. OR if one of you is searching for a Left lens; let me know and we can buy this left/right pair together.
  8. C

    Chuck Branscombs E3 from the 80's specs

    Chuck Branscomb Bavaria from the 80's from FYI In 1981, Ray Korman built a nice stg2 motor for me with the triple Webers, cam, headers, pistons, porting, etc., and I did the whole suspension too (28/22mm bars, springs, Bilsteins, Alpina subframe...
  9. D

    Looking for a good SoCal Auto Detailer to make my E3 Shine

    Hi All, I'm back from a long hiatus and am back to putting work into my '71 Bavaria. It's been sitting safe and covered for about 6 months so the paint is looking tired but running beautifully. Hoping to bring it out for Cars and Coffee this weekend! Does anyone in SoCal recommend a...
  10. D

    Engine ID Help - 72' Bav

    Hey guys, New to the forums, I have a 72' Bavaria, and I'm having trouble id'ing the engine. I can about confused after an oil change, and the filter not fitting. The Filter was a tad too big diameter wise, and the oil filter housing in a bolt in from the top (which I like anyways.)...
  11. D

    Hello From Sunny Florida

    Hello, New member to the group. Like to introduce myself and my car, my 1972 Bavaria. I saved her not too long ago from a gentleman yard. It ran, and I got her home about two hours from Tallahassee. I then got home and the alternator pulley fell off. So far, I've been able to replace the...
  12. FjordTempo

    '76 US spec bumper parts for E3 available

    I have removed all of my US spec front and rear bumpers and am midway through converting to pre-'74 / Euro bumpers. I know my US stuff if not worth anything, but I'd love to put it into someone's hands who could use it. I am in Orange County, CA. The rear bumper has a hole drilled into...
  13. D

    Another SoCal E3!

    Hey Guys, I had the pleasure or meeting a few of the forum members last week at Cars and Coffee Irvine. My name is Drew Cuddy and I'm a 25 year old Canadian transplant living between Orange County and Santa Barbara. As of November 5 I became the proud (2nd) owner of an Atlantik Blue '72...
  14. T

    Oil Temp Gauge installation (warning: Bavaria inside!)

    Just a little documentation of putting a discrete oil temp gauge into my BMW E3 (bavaria)