1. ADDvanced

    BX4 Budget Bavaria Barnfind Build: Off the road for 41 years, back from the dead

    Alright boys, official build thread for my latest impulse purchase, a Malaga 72 Bavaria 4spd. I don't know much about these cars, I've never driven one, but I did have a 71 Malaga 2002 (Click here), had a lot of fun, learned some things, made some money on it. I typically document my builds...
  2. m73

    72 Bavaria $1200 (MO) (NMNA)

    Clear title and lots of parts IMHO -- not a bad deal for $1200..... I am not savvy to post the FB ad but here is a few pics -- This is posted on FB marketplace and on the e3 group --
  3. 2


  4. m73

    Has this been posted? e3 in AZ for 3K

    Not mine but 4 speed so worth a look: From the Facebook AD: "Anyone in Phoenix Arizona looking for a 1973 bmw bavaria 3.0 4 speed manual transmission car? It needs interior work paint job and breaks bled and someone with the time to finish putting it together. New dash and many extra new...
  5. hardtosee_e3

    '73 Sahara Bavaria Restoration

    Here starts the beginning of a restoration build for a Bavaria's that's been garage kept since 2004. The car's 'welcome to the forum' thread, for those interested: The documentation suggests...
  6. hardtosee_e3

    Greetings from a longtime BMW enthusiast with a new E3 project..

    Thank you for welcoming me to your community! Excited to learn from you all, and to soon be driving the newest addition to my stable on public roads.. My BMW History I've owned more than a handful of BMWs throughout the years, from a few ETA E30s to an ix, to an E36 M3/4/5, an E46 xi wagon...
  7. billpatterson

    FOUND-E3 left side tail light 'bulb board'

    Hi there, I am looking for a 'bulb board' for a '73 E3. The side I need is the left side (see picture). The one I have has been repaired; consider it a back up. BTW...what is this part called? :) Thx! Bill
  8. 2

    3.0cs & Bavaria drive axle output half shaft

    Brand new, OEM BMW 2 drive axle output half shafts fits the following: *3.0cs *Bavaria *3.0csi *2800 *3.0s *2500 *2800cs part # 33211102423 2 retail for $1244.97 (see last pic) $900 + shipping
  9. Quinn

    72 Bavaria for sale whole car or parts

  10. Haseeb

    Huge Issue (Frame Rust)

    Got a 72 Bavaria a couple weeks ago. This was my first time ever buying an older car so I didn't really know there was frame rust until a friend pointed it out today and it looks pretty bad. I really do like my Bav but I have no idea what to with it now. I don't exactly have a lot of money, I...
  11. chope97

    73 Bavaria for sale not mine
  12. m73

    e3 in Fjord

    Project car dreaming... -Mo
  13. G

    FS 1974 BMW 3.0S Tail light bulb holder Left Side 63211353733

    San Francisco Bay Area $40 Should fit many E3 cars from Bavaria to 3.3L 1971-1977 according to real oem. I removed it from a pick n pull years ago. Fits driver's side. Contacts are in good shape. I take paypal and can ship it USPS priority for cost of shipping. It is slightly too long for a...
  14. mosearch

    WTB: Right Front Turn Signal for e3

    WTB: Right Front Turn Signal Lens for 1972 E3. PN 63131356808. I have found a source for a pair (left & right)...and I'll go that way if no one on this forum has the right-only available. OR if one of you is searching for a Left lens; let me know and we can buy this left/right pair together.
  15. chope97

    Chuck Branscombs E3 from the 80's specs

    Chuck Branscomb Bavaria from the 80's from FYI In 1981, Ray Korman built a nice stg2 motor for me with the triple Webers, cam, headers, pistons, porting, etc., and I did the whole suspension too (28/22mm bars, springs, Bilsteins, Alpina subframe...
  16. D

    Looking for a good SoCal Auto Detailer to make my E3 Shine

    Hi All, I'm back from a long hiatus and am back to putting work into my '71 Bavaria. It's been sitting safe and covered for about 6 months so the paint is looking tired but running beautifully. Hoping to bring it out for Cars and Coffee this weekend! Does anyone in SoCal recommend a...
  17. D

    Engine ID Help - 72' Bav

    Hey guys, New to the forums, I have a 72' Bavaria, and I'm having trouble id'ing the engine. I can about confused after an oil change, and the filter not fitting. The Filter was a tad too big diameter wise, and the oil filter housing in a bolt in from the top (which I like anyways.)...
  18. D

    Hello From Sunny Florida

    Hello, New member to the group. Like to introduce myself and my car, my 1972 Bavaria. I saved her not too long ago from a gentleman yard. It ran, and I got her home about two hours from Tallahassee. I then got home and the alternator pulley fell off. So far, I've been able to replace the...
  19. FjordTempo

    '76 US spec bumper parts for E3 available

    I have removed all of my US spec front and rear bumpers and am midway through converting to pre-'74 / Euro bumpers. I know my US stuff if not worth anything, but I'd love to put it into someone's hands who could use it. I am in Orange County, CA. The rear bumper has a hole drilled into...
  20. D

    Another SoCal E3!

    Hey Guys, I had the pleasure or meeting a few of the forum members last week at Cars and Coffee Irvine. My name is Drew Cuddy and I'm a 25 year old Canadian transplant living between Orange County and Santa Barbara. As of November 5 I became the proud (2nd) owner of an Atlantik Blue '72...