1. Hinemn

    Restomod Donor Car for 1972 E9

    Hey fellow car crazies I've been sitting on my basket case 1972 3.0 CSi for a few months now trying to decide what to do with it. The car is so bad that the only 2 realistic options are sell as whole or part it out but I see there to be another possible option that may as ambitious as restoring...
  2. D

    Hirschmann Antenna for BMW 1600-2 2002 1500 1600 1800 TI 2000 TI tilux

    Hi all, I'm selling a Hirschmann Auta 4000 C 73 LS car antenna in very good condition. The antenna is manualy operated. Comes with original boxing and manual. Price is 200 Euro plus shipping and paypal fees. Location: Europe. Please ask for shipping costs. Worldwide shipping possible. Send me...
  3. B

    1967 BMW 2000C For Sale-$7500 obo

    Hello All, I am looking to sell my 1967 BMW 2000C “project”. I’ll try to keep the explanation short. I purchased the car online in 2013 from a seller in the Northwest with the intent to restore the car. When I was ready to restore the car, I turned the car over to a restorer (introduced through...
  4. W

    1972 BMW E9 3.0L CSL - Side Mirror Location?

    Hello all! I'm contacting you from Creative Custom Cars in Dromana, Victoria, Australia. We are restoring a BMW CSL, December 1972 build. (I've attached two photos of the car for reference and interest). This build is concourse standard, to the finest detail honorable to factory and delivery...
  5. Quinn

    Help determining the date of this Bavaria.

    I have a BMW Bavaria that I believe is early 70's. I'm looking to find out the exact year of this car as well as learn some more about this vehicle. I can take more pictures of the vehicle if needed.
  6. FGS

    2800/3000/CS/CSI parts for sale

    Power windows motors Inner weather seals trims Outer weather seals trims...
  7. wizzurp

    1970 2800CSA rust monster restomod

    Ok so I've owned this car for a couple years now and finally was able to get it inside. Cliffs for the car: sat in a field since the 80's, tons of rust, completely original, clean title, absolutely disgusting and full of rat shit. I figure this will be a good place to keep track of my...
  8. m73

    2018 Marks 50 years 2002 in NA

    Hi guys, I have created a few new 2002 designs celebrating various accomplishments including 50 years in North America (2018) 2 notes: - If anyone wants a 2002 shirt please pm me & we can work it out-- they are quite nice albeit not e9 - 2018 marks 50 years since the e9's introduction & it...
  9. P

    1974 BMW CSI 3.0 for sale vin

    I had plans to restore this car. I bought it out of storage from the owner for 30+ years (25 years or so last reg 1994). Pic the day I took it out of storage and cleaned it up with dish soap. I have had it and been trying to find time to restore it for the past 2.5 years. You can see my initial...
  10. Beemer70

    BMW 3.0 si

    Hi - this is a rare UK RHD 3.0 si for sale - thinking of buying - friend going to look now - auction ends in few hours - would appreciate any inputs from you lot? Cheers Moray
  11. scottevest

    Round Up Video of my Road Trip from Idaho to Washington down coast and back with my Poodle

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share this inspirational video about my recent trip from Sun Valley, Idaho to Seattle, down the Washington and Oregon and California coast to San Francisco, then back home through Lake Tahoe, but the long less beaten path way. Youtube: Facebook: My Baby - 74 e9...
  12. D

    Beautiful! 1971 BMW 2800csa E9 in Las Vegas

    1971 BMW 2800csa E9 coupe with no sunroof Mileage is 107k miles. Really sad to say goodbye but I need to sell my beloved 1971 BMW 2800csa E9 thats been with me for over 5 years. Originally delivered April 1971 to...
  13. T

    BMW 1972 3.0CS from germany

    hello, i´m Thomas from Germany, driving 1972 3.0CS blue BMW e9.
  14. D

    1973 3.0cs

    Thinking about selling my 1973 3.0cs. Downsizing and moving to a 2 car garage. Bought 4 years ago from San Francisco Sports cars. Drove approx 1000 miles in 4 years, engine has total of 5500 miles. Haven't been following market so not sure about price yet. More photos if wanted. Located in...
  15. FGS

    1973 3.0 CSi - A resto project

    Ok, I've just bought this piece of metal which looks like a 1973 CSi, in order to do a full restoration: Now I've some questions for you E9 gurus: Anyone knows the torques for head/rockers/rods and everything about the engine? When the car leaved the factory, how were the floors...

    1972 3.0CSi For Sale

    It is with a heavier heart than you can possibly imagine (well - you probably can imagine if you own one) that I'm selling my coupe. This has been an incredibly hard decision. I fell in love with the E9 at first sight. I remember it like it was yesterday when I saw it pull up next to my rusty...
  17. FGS

    My survivor 1970 2800 CS - Tundra

    Hello, this is my 1970 2800 CS, Tundra, a 32,000 kms car (when I bought it three weeks ago). First owner from 1970 to 2000, the second owner has a coach shop (from whom I bough it), made 6000 km in 14 years, he has sold me the car just because of health issues. A completely original car, never...
  18. M

    FS: Rear Bumper Over-rider $110 Shipped

  19. 3

    Fair Market Value of E9 - Insurance Company is offering me $12k

    While sitting still on the DC Beltway on 12-13-12, my pristine (has won several show awards at BMW historic concours events) 1973 3.0 CS was hit from behind by a PT Cruiser and pushed me into a Ford F-150 in front. My insurance company (Hagerty) appraiser valued the damage at $13,680.35...
  20. W

    New to forum and "on the hunt"

    Hi there, I recently moved from NYC to Palo Alto and now have the opportunity to realize a little dream: owning a BMW 3.0 cs (after all I am German ;)). BTW: Was Bertone the designing company - it resembles quite a bit the Alfas (I know the 3200CS from the early 60s was)? In any case, I was...