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More stupidity from yours truly...

I attempted to fill the brake system but made about three mistakes, all having to do with filling before fully thinking things through. I filled the master only to find the fluid gushing onto the floor. I forgot that I had removed the stop light switch from the Wilwood prop valve. Doh! Fortunately, I had already sourced the 1/8" NPT plug to replace it so I just had to scramble to install it. Of course, the car was in the air so I was on a ladder plugging the port with my finger while explaining to Brett where I had put the plug....

After that fiasco, the good news was there were no leaks in the new lines and the fluid was flowing nicely with just gravity. Tthe bad news was that I hadn't tightened any of the bleed screws when I rebuilt the calipers. Again, I scrambled. The rears were easy to close, as were the inner fronts. I hadn't really planned on bleeding the system immediately -- I was just going to let gravity do its job for a few days and then bleed when I got back to the shop again -- so I had not removed the wheels/tires. Trying to rush, I was able to close the outer bleeders in front via the slots in the wheels.

But there was still a leak from one front caliper. Rushing to judgement while trying to stop pissing on the floor, I assumed it must've been a problem with my caliper rebuild so my final task for the day was to finally pull the wheel and the caliper, looping a hose between the two hard lines to prevent further leakage. It wasn't until I got the caliper home that I realized there are actually 3 bleed screws in each front caliper. Doh! Well, at least it was an easy fix.

Bonehead move #4 is related to the battery coolant flow test. I ran another test Saturday to see if an overflow tank was really necessary. I rigged up the radiator, pump, and a single battery. This time I used water instead of coolant since, with just one battery, it would be easy enough to see the flow. The flow was actually pretty decent. Not the same as the input -- there is still significant restriction -- but plenty good enough. Promising. It wasn't until later, when thinking about the difference between the two tests, that I realized the one major difference. Coolant vs water. In my first test I used straight G48 coolant (not the pre-diluted stuff) but it is supposed to be diluted 50:50 with water. Doh! G48 I'm certain that the viscosity difference between straight and diluted will explain the reduced flow.

I need to slow down and make sure I don't pull any of these stunts when working with 300+ volts...


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