Car lift for a home garage use.


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Estonia, EU
I have 2 double car 4posts in my garage. Mostly for storage use as one side is blocked by the car next to it… but more space for toys :)


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Yes - for 2 post (or one post/platform) lifts - the concrete needs to be the correct thickness and type as those lifts are bolted down to the concrete....
In my shop - the PO had a 2 post (offset type) installed when he had the building built. He had 12" of the correct concrete put in for the entire slab... and had power run to where the lift is installed, so it is a pretty clean installation. It is a pretty slick set-up and has worked well.
That being said - I needed more car storage than what I had available (on the ground)... so earlier this year, I got a 4 post lift as well. While I could use the two post lift to store a car, I did not want to use it for storage - for a couple of reasons...
I wanted to keep the lift free to use for other purposes and - I did not like how the base where it attaches to the concrete would be on constant tension if there were to be a car sitting up there full time.

So - I bought a 4 post lift from a place near me and had them assemble it during the summer. I have my Mustang on it now and the E38 underneath. Both are stuck there as I had to put a big pile of lumber behind them... I have a couple of pics showing both lifts (and the mess in my shop - lol).

While there was a two post lift there already when I bought the place, the interior of the shop was unfinished. I have had to (kinda) move in at the same time as I am finishing interior. I do NOT recommend that method of remodeling, but... oh well... It was necessary...

See pics showing the two lifts....
They were taken at different stages of work on the shop... but they show the lifts. On the 4 post one, you can see a bit of the 2 post one as well. FYI - the shop is 52'x70' with mostly 16' ceilings. There is a loft area (to the left on both of the lift pics - but not in frame) that is what I am finishing up now.... (See last pic showing that)

@sfdon - you can see why I have been in no hurry to get the CS back... LOL ;) But - my project is nearly over so.... :) ;)



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Elkhart, IN
The area I’m putting this one only had 4” at 3500lb, they asked for 4” a 3000lb.!
I’m cutting out 4’square and pouring 8”, rebar enforced base and drilled into existing perimeter every 8” and epoxy rebar in 6”” with 6” sticking out, and 4500lb concrete. And key way around perimeter of existing slab also 4” under.


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Things are tough around's a pic of the two post system that I got the other day. Cost me six bills. ($6) Pretty cool tho.View attachment 129580
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