Chamonix 3.0CS Restoration

It is the simple things that sometimes take the most time. No way I was going to skimp on this and just clean it in place.

Chris - is that a repaint or just a really good cleaning? And if a repaint, what paint did you use?
I always use SEM Satin Ultra Black, I did not paint the blinds I just disassembled and scrubbed, I did paint just inside that is visible and face of the grille (top and bottom of movable housing are rounded and might scratch) plus the faceplate. My 73 has the illuminated controls which are removed from the backside.
Beautiful! :love:.

The day the project is painted is the biggest day of the journey. It's all fun stuff now. :)

You can tell from the reflections in the top that it laid down nicely. Not a whole lot of color sanding needed.