1. Cornishman

    Diff Dismantle Question

    I have a diff that I was told come out of an early 635, I think it has E24 cast into the top. It is an open diff, 3.07 ratio. I want to replace all the seals but I can’t find any instructions for this diff. It has no bolt holding on the output shafts so how do I get those off please? I assume...
  2. m73

    'S' LSD Stencils are re-made

    A few owners have been asking me for 'S' LSD stencils lately so I decided to re-make the original design. These are made from 'Premium Cast' vinyl and are an exact match to the factory look. Price is $11 each which includes free shipping worldwide -- if anyone needs to buy more than one...
  3. M

    Differential oil level?

    Dumb question I know, but I would rather check than screw it up. Is this the oil level for the diff? Thanks I appreciate your help
  4. Wladek

    Please vote - what differential ratio do you have in your 3.0 CSI

    Hello Guys, Happy New Year to All! I have a question that has been bothering me for a long period of time - proper 3.0 CSI differential ratio? Why i am asking & why i am asking you to vote?: 3.25 (39:12) 3.45 (38:11) LSD = Limited Slip Differential Open = Non-LSD 1. My 1972 3.0 CSI came to me...
  5. bossrobot

    LSD / both wheels spin the same direction ?

    I had my car on a lift and was checking it out yesterday. I was really nervous because I knew that my car had spent some time on the East Coast. From what I could see it looked pretty good with only a few small 1980's type rust repairs and of course the exhaust is pitted. P.S. I turned the...
  6. Bill Cutler

    WTB 3.64 CWP to suit LSD

    Wanted - 3.64 ratio Crown Wheel & Pinion - for E9/E12 type Side Loader limited slip diff - (Needed for ratio change from 3.45) Many thanks
  7. m73

    Limited Slip 'S' Stencil

    'S' stencils for sale in pairs of 2: $6/pair including shipping. ( I will confirm payment + shipping ) My PayPal.me link: https://www.paypal.me/MoFaraz See installation guide:
  8. M

    Differential drive shaft sealing rings

    Well after a long hiatus it's time to continue restoring my dad's '74 3.0CS! I am trying to replace the drive shaft sealing rings found on either side of the differential. Section 33 11 691 of the repair manual simply says "take out shaft sealing ring" but it's on there pretty tight and I...
  9. Sparky

    differential oil

    What's the consensus oil for CS differentials? Is the same oil still recommended for both LS and non-LS diffs. Has anyone had any bad experiences with Red Line 75w90 GL-5 or Mobil 1 LS 75-90 or is another oil preferable. Thanks.