1. m73

    Interior Decals (AC, HVAC, Shift, etc...)

    If you see any decal on this picture you need please reach out via PM. I have more pictures + instructions for anyone seriously interested & please feel free to ask questions. Thanks, Mo Faraz
  2. Alberto Flores

    Looking for project car for restoration

    Hello Everyone! I been searching for a E9 to restore for a long time (one that I can afford), but haven't found one yet and wanted to post it here, probably the best place to ask. I am located in Sweden and finally I got a garage where to restore a car. Now trying to find a project, of course...
  3. M

    Euro 1972 3.0cs project

    I bought this car from Russ last year on BAT. He is a well of enthusiasm and information and an honest man. That said when the car went into the confessional it turned out to have a lot more sins hidden than Russ and I thought. I took it to a shop in Mexico and they are doing a wonderful job...
  4. hardtosee_e3

    '73 Sahara Bavaria Restoration

    Here starts the beginning of a restoration build for a Bavaria's that's been garage kept since 2004. The car's 'welcome to the forum' thread, for those interested: The documentation suggests...
  5. SkiFast

    71' Euro 3.0 CS

    Team, I rolled the dice, buying a trailer full of a disassembled 3.0. Since I had already placed my bet, I’ve been taking out boxes of parts, one at a time, and restoring what I can. I honestly had little idea of what was inside, I only could glance through a side door and the rear before making...
  6. SkiFast

    (Soon to be) Sleepless in Seattle

    Newbie to this site; last Bimmer was an 82' 635 CSI (Zender kit et al) I had for a decade in the 90's. Last resto was 35 years ago (Tiger, 59' 190SL, Datsun Roadsters). Which is to say, I'm rustier than the Karmann body I'm restoring. I just bought a 71' CSi which has be sitting in parts...
  7. NWDBayArea

    Front Turn Signal Electrical Shroud: Looking for replacements

    Hello, Im looking for a place to find some replacement 90 degree electrical shrouds. They are located in the front turn signals and provide some protection from the elements. The included photo shows the original rubber and some dimensions. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  8. rickpbaker

    1971 3.0 CS - US to Australia (and back again)

    Hi everyone, My name is Rick. I’m 35 and live in Los Angeles. Good job, no kids, no girlfriend. Now’s the time to get a restoration going! But before I get into that, the backstory… Myself, my twin brother and my Dad bought a LHD euro spec 1971 3.0 CS back in 2008 from the 2nd owner in Oregon...
  9. Ajay

    Vapor Blast/vapor homing Southern California

    Sent my intake manifold, runners, and my throttle body into these guys in Anaheim. They made my parts look like new. They did such an amazing job that I had to post. I know some other e9 and e10 guys in OC use these guys with amazing results. Non abrasive. PARTS REBORN in Anaheim, California.
  10. JimmyJamesee

    New (returning) member: 1966 2000 c

    Hello all. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is James Laray from Northern Virginia (USA) and I am restoring a 66 2000 c. This is going to be a "ground up/frame off" resto on a rotisserie. I was a member of the forum from 1997 - 2002 at which time I owned a 2800cs (which I regrettably...
  11. WISE9UY

    E9 Restoration Video on Youtube

    Not a video and not mine, but a nice find on a full restoration:
  12. B

    1972 e3 Restomod project

    Well, here goes nothing! I bought this e3 from a guy in Phoenix for $900. Obviousoly it wasn't running but it did look pretty "rust free" except for the surface stuff on the fenders. Satch even declaired the sills "intact" with a...
  13. J

    Body & paint recommendations- left coast...

    Hi all, finally thinking seriously about bodywork and bare metal respray of my 1971 2800 CS (Baikal)... car has been on the west coast all of it's life, has had some accident damage from first owner (I'm the second owner and have had the car since ~1981). I think the car is pretty solid but has...
  14. D

    1976 3.0 CS Restoration Project... The Last Coupe?

    I own a gray market 1976 BMW 3.0 CS. I don't know how many of these were made back in the day, but I know it must be rather rare, because when I tried to insure it, my insurance company said the car did not exist, so I had to bring it down to the branch to prove it to them that it did...
  15. georgebriggs

    Restoring a '72 3.0 CS I bought for $600 [VIDEO]

    Hey everyone, New to the forum, I've been waiting a long time to be a rightful member on here as I just bought a '72 3.0 CS. Like many of you I'm sure, it's been a dream car for me to own for a very long time. It needs A LOT of work but I think I'm happier to start from scratch building it...
  16. georgebriggs

    I just bought a 1972 E9 for $600.

    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new owner of a '72 E9 3.0 CS. Not in great shape but I got it for $600. When I was 15 I first laid eyes on a BMW 3.0 CS and new I had to have one. 11 years later, I saw a white one for the first in time in person driving past me in downtown Toronto. I didn't think...
  17. FGS

    1973 3.0 CSi - A resto project

    Ok, I've just bought this piece of metal which looks like a 1973 CSi, in order to do a full restoration: Now I've some questions for you E9 gurus: Anyone knows the torques for head/rockers/rods and everything about the engine? When the car leaved the factory, how were the floors...
  18. D

    Complete E9 bodyshell

    Dear colleagues, I have got complete E9 bodyshell for sale. The body was sandblasted, cleaned, professionally made metal works. I have got full foto documentation of the restoration process. Will be a pleasure for me answer on all questions concerning the item and my hobby (cars restoration). I...
  19. decampos

    Interior restoration complete.

    Hello there. Thought I'd share some progress on the gentle restoration of my new-to-me 3.0 csi. I feel I need to tell this to somebody. The interior was a mess when I bought the car. A previous owner spent a lot of money on beautifully retrimming the interior in light grey leather (and...
  20. decampos

    Opinions on this Euro csia project

    Hello there. Am after a decent E9. They're getting pretty rare here in the UK, when they do surface they're pretty expensive. This time last year a decent-ish one could be found for £5k (GBP), these days they tend to appear at about £7-10k One just came up for sale that (according to the...