Bringing a '74 back up to her intended glory.


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Speaking of avoiding the rain, I had purchased replacement outer squeegee pieces for the rear windows from Coupeking. These one piece bits replace the original two part pieces that are between the chrome trim and the glass itself.

First you have to drill out of the old rivets that hold the old parts in place. Then you do you do usual cleanup of the chrome while you have good access to it. Then using the smallest size aluminum or copper rivet you can, (i used 1/8 inch or 4 mm), You drill holes in the new rubber piece and carefully rivet it onto the chrome. The Coupeking units are a bit larger than needed so you have to trim them with a razor blade.

After reinstallation it looks much cleaner obviously and will definitely not let much or any water through that area.

IMG_1575.jpg IMG_1576.jpg IMG_1578.jpg IMG_2175.jpg IMG_2177.jpg
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